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In-Building Solution (IBS) provides indoor coverage using a series of hubs/Equipment’s distributing the signal to number of antennas. The IBS gives additional leverage to strengthen the quality of wireless Signals, hence assures smooth wireless communication for PDAs, Lap-tops and mobile phones. Our in-building Solution offers the users with the best indoor coverage and quality. We optimize the indoor network in the best possible way to avoid call drops and eliminating mobile ping- pong. We put in our efforts to obtain signals from diverse sites and for this case operators choose to use a Micro BTS site instead implementing a Macro Site. Signals from a micro site BTS site are distributed through ca-axial lines and DAS (Distributed-Antenna-System). Telecom Gateway delivers top quality services with an error-free network.

IBS Implementation Process

  • Choosing material types for IBS
  • Designing the Implementation model
  • Ensuring feasibility of the prepared project
  • Verification of elements as per drawings/layouts

BTS Installation

  • BTS installation as per the approved designing
  • Ensuring efficient connectivity with DAS with BTS

Site Optimization

  • Signal status verification on each portion of the building
  • Ensuring proper implementation of DAS as per the design requirements

Site Approval

  • Pre-acceptance of site after finishing the work
  • Final assessment
  • Post-acceptance test after work main work completion with main customer/vendor
  • Troubleshooting of issues with the design owner.
  • Ensuring proper coverage on every portion of the building
  • Acquiring necessary approvals from building owners and authorities
  • Coordination between vendor, operator and customer

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