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CCTV Camera for home, Offices & Vehicals Dealers, Distributors and Suppliers in Mumbai:

We are talking security here and keeping this mumbai city safe with our top-rated CCTV camera installation in Mumbai is our prime concern. In this very day and age, safety is the key term for our home and business and is something that cannot be compromised. With the good quality and supreme HD lens our security cctv camera system are compatible for both house and business, stay connected with the premise without worrying about the same in your absence. We have a list of models and brands to choose from which are manufactured with advanced technology and protection. Select the appropriate brand depending upon your choice of technology and feature such as Hikvision, CP Plus, Godrej, samsung etc.

We all know that the security guard can do only so much within their capacity to protect the house or building they are protecting but human is human. They occasionally take their work for granted which results in mishaps and accidents. But you can always take a precautionary step and stay more protective with cctv camera surveillance.

CCTV cameras sometime plays an important role in securing your loved ones or pets who are left alone at home, where there is nobody to take care of them. But with our highly advanced cameras, you can watch them 24*7 and issues them instruction through microphones attached to them. There are basically two types of CCTV cameras, indoor and outdoor. Indoor cctv camera installation is called doom cameras ad outdoor cameras are called bullet cameras, it is operated with a device named DVR which channel the cameras. There are different models available in cctv cameras which you can choose depending upon your need. Different models are built differently to serve different purpose, hence to simply this issue for our customers we have in our team highly skilled technician who are trained to provide information to the the customer about different models depending upon the need of customer. Apart from doom or bullet cameras you can also find other variety of cameras with us namely: live-streaming cameras, wireless cameras, hidden cameras etc.

Dome Camera

This is dome shape cctv camera. this cctv camera is adviced for indoor use only, you can have wide range with this camera as its having upto 75 digree angle which gives you wide and high defination video output.

  • Wide Angle Covarage
  • Vandal resistant
  • HD Video Output
  • More discreet – blends in with surroundings
  • Day/Night Vision
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Bullet Camera

Bullet camera is adviced for ourdoor setup, it have water-proof features whcih makes him durable and the gangle covarage is 50 digree and range is upto 20 meter.

  • Water-Proof Featured
  • Day/Night Vision
  • Aggle adustement.
  • Can Set-Up Outdoor
  • Process HD Output
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PTZ Camera

A PTZ IP camera stands for pan-tilt-zoom IP security camera, commonly seen as mini-dome PTZ and speed dome PTZ capable of rotating horizontally and vertically as well as zooming in or out to see small details.

  • Cover Large Areas
  • Preset Function of PTZ IP Cameras
  • Night Vision featured
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Powerful Zoom to See Small Details
  • Multiple Alarm system
  • Built-in Motion Tracking
  • Remote Control
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Wireless Camera

Wireless camera built with ultra mordern technology to serve customer with thier domestic requirment. It have few extraordinary fetured which make this most demanding in current era.

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Inbuild Mic facilating voice recording
  • Memory Card Facility
  • Remote Vewing Facility
  • PAN, Tilt Fatured.
  • In-Built speakers facilitating communication through camera
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Can Setup in NVR
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Vehicle Security Cameras

Today's requirment to capture footage in school bus and vehicals we offer fully customized security system for vechical with most ultra-mordern facilities which fullfill your every requirement perfectly.

  • Wide Range Coverage
  • Safeguard your kids
  • Run on Vehicles powerunit
  • Record footage locally.
  • Shock Absorber to offer perfect output
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180/360 Digree Panaromic camera

Today we have demand for 180 digree and 360 digree panaromic camera demand this is advaiced for soft indoor use only. This camera is equipped with latest technology bult for toways world.

  • For in-Door Use.
  • Easy to install
  • Built for today world.
  • 180/360 digree angle
  • Can Connected wirelessly.
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What is CCTV and Why we need it ?

Closed circuit television, otherwise known as CCTV, is a video monitoring system that helps capture or take the footage of the place where surveillance is required. CCTV System is one of the mediums of security to protect oneself or society from leading crimes, theft or any breaching of law. It is crucial to take security seriously in this day and plant our homes, offices, schools, commerical building, restaurant's' and societies with a good CCTV Security Cameras.

How Do we Help ?

We, at Genesis Telesecure, provide you with our expertise knowledge in choosing the right product for you with a right feature. Our expertise lies in Designing, Installation and Maintenance of CCTV & other surveillance systems for all kinds of projects.

We offer customizable CCTV solutions for businesses from 1200 Square Feet to 120,000 Square Feet. We offer analog and IP based solutions. Any camera that is IP based offering 2.0 MegaPixels or greater is at full 1080P High Definition and will deliver images 100 Times better than what you are used to in an analog solution.

Our Brands

We are an authorized dealer for some of the trusted brands in Security Services like HikVision, Dahua, CP-Plus, Honeywell, Axis.


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